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In recent times, many are questioning the relevance of higher education. One reason for this could be the skyrocketing costs of obtaining a higher education and the diminishing earning potential of the careers that an individual pursues with their degrees. This essay examines the issues with traditional higher education institutions, and how they are evolving to suit the needs of a savvier student population to where traditional pedagogical educational models no longer work.


This proposal is for a program to assist migrant students with acclimating to college in the US. I created a proposal for a program such as this because of the experiences I had as a migrant student when I initially to the United State to obtain my bachelor’s degree. There were many resources that would have been beneficial to me and other migrant students I knew at that time. The program that is being proposed was developed from own my experiences, statistical data, and the needs that have been expressed from migrant students whom I’ve personally known or that I have read about within my research.


This article is a wealth of information on the chronological development of how adult literacy became a movement. It examines the different formal associations that were started for adult literacy and it the importance and roles of organizations such as National Adult Literacy Agency (NALA) and how instrumental they are in the quest for encouraging adult literacy.

Media Presentations


This group presentation is a promotion for Career Readiness through Initiating Strategic Partnerships- "C.R.I.S.P". This program was designed to guide students through the journey of internship in order to increase the chances job placement after graduation.

"The Community College"

This presentation is an introduction to the community college. In this presentation we explore the history, evolution and future of the community college. This presentation truly highlights the value of the community college as this type of higher ed institution has been severely underrated in the past.

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