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Dr. James White Jr. NP, PHD

Elite Innovative Health Services

Phoenix, AZ

"It has been a privilege to work with Hussain. I have known him personally and professionally for quite some time and he has a personality and demeanor that is appropriate for any professional setting.  He is reliable and is always contributing innovative ideas to take our organization to the next level. It is a pleasure  to work with someone who is so resourceful and organized."

Ashely Hillsman, Owner of Nurturing Star Life Services

Phoenix, AZ

"My name is Ashley Hillsman, and I am the owner of Nurturing Star Life Services. My company did some consulting work with the company Hussain Lootah works for, so I worked with him directly for a good duration of our projects. Hussain has been instrumental in the reorganization and restructuring of the projects we worked on. Due to  his dedication and professionalism,  our projects were completed with minimal disruption or error. Hussain is a great asset to the organization, and it has been a pleasure working with him.."

Mohammad Ahmed Altawhidi, 

Senior Business Talent Acquisition Business Partner 

The Excutive Council in Dubai

“Working with Hussain is really a quality time , to work with him. In 2016 myself and Hussain were part of Dubai Team to attend and present Dubai in Paris Arabian horse World Cup. Myself and Hussain were handling the logistics, relationships with other team , and managing the social media news. While I was in a team that Hussain was part of it too, I learned many things from Hussain that I will not ever forget those things such as time management, working under pressure, and how to present myself out the country in the right proper way to present . Hussain is a great person to work with, I hope in the future it will be a new project to work with Hussain and gain knowledge from him in working life.”

Website Reviews

Ashley Hillsman, Owner of Nurturing Star Life Services, Phoenix, AZ

What a wonderful website! It is user friendly and contains great information about his work, I even learned some things that I did not know before. I would love to see more visual content on the website in the near future.

Victoria Ampey, Lead Behavioral Health Technician, Elite Innovative Health Services 

This website has a user friendly interface and I enjoyed reading Hussain's endorsements and reviewing his academic work. In the future, I hope to see more information and updates about the college that he is going to be working with in Dubai. Looking forward to seeing more of your work, Hussain!

Abderiona Letts, CNA, Onsite Care Coordinator Elite Innovative Health Services

I found this website easy to navigate and it contains a good amount of professional and academic content. I recommend sharing more personal information in your bio so that those who view your site feel that they are connecting with you on a more personal level. Overall great job!

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